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Wedding Photography Melbourne

How would you like to remember one of the most meaningful days of your life? Veri Photography exists to bring the wedding photos alive with the same joy, love, and passion you experienced first hand on your special day.

Relationships are the heart of our work. It is our goal to not only capture the chemistry that each couple shares, but also to take the time to get to know your love story so that our lenses will reflect your unique personalities.

Creative Director: Cheng

Although born into a family of painting artists, I don’t have a childhood story to tell about receiving my very first camera at a young age. I was always the quiet one, the shy child of the family, and a good student in school. It was my academic success that led me to study abroad, where I received my Masters degree in Science. I thought, back then, that this was what my life all about.

I thought that's what was meant for me, I was content, until one day I missed my late father so much that I realised I had never looked inside, never taken the time to explore my feelings. I decided to enroll in a photography college. It was then that I picked up the artistic bones he left in me, and fell in love with telling stories through images.

Immersing myself in photography, I became more sensitive about the people and things around me, I was amazed by the revelation of my subconscious mind, and it opened even more doors to creativity.

With over three years of formal photography training and field experience, I have since received more than ten Silver/Bronze photography awards in categories across Wedding, People & Portrait, Abstract / Illustrative, and Advertising & Fashion at the International Loupe Awards in 2011 and 2012.

Today, I am more interested in the relationship of subjects, rather than textbook visual dynamics. The way people interact with one another, the depth of feeling that they have for each other, and the tales they tell, are what really intrigue and inspire my work.

After shooting 200+ weddings, I still wake up thrilled on a weekend morning knowing that I get to be part of the biggest day of someone's life, witness moments that last a lifetime, telling their stories that could never be repeated, shedding a tear or two with them ... and lot of laugh too ...

The Team

I work with a gifted team of individuals just as passionate about providing couples with an artistic account of their commitment to one another. I consider myself lucky to be a part of such a close-knit group in which each person brings years of experience to the table. When I started this journey five years ago, my wife Cheryl left her design job at an advertising agency to work for Veri. She utilizes her sharp skills to edit the images as well as design the albums that couples cherish.

My team of professional photographers and videographers Vince (VIC&ACT), Ben (VIC), Wu (VIC), Jeff (VIC&ACT), Yin (NSW&ACT), Daniel (NSW&ACT) and Eric (NSW&ACT) have been photographing, filming and editing for years. Operating over two cameras on the wedding day, they capture your day with care and bring the same level of passion to each project.

Working with a team allows greater for a dynamic approach to capturing your wedding. When you choose Veri, you can feel confident that your wedding photography will be in the hands of not just one, but many dedicated individuals. The talent and attention to detail of each member shines in every finished image Veri Photography delivers.


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The Space

The Veri Wedding Photography team proudly operates in Luminosity Studio, an inviting urban environment outfitted with state-of-the-art photography tools to ensure photographic excellence. We make good use of the studio’s wide offerings of lights, modifiers and backdrops that are complimented by a grand Cyclorama. The industrial open interior, complete with fresh white brick walls, windows, and high ceilings, allows inspiration to flow effortlessly.